Robert Thomas Velline (April 30, 1943 – October 24, 2016), known professionally as BOBBY VEE, was an American pop singer who was a teen idol in the early 1960s. According to Billboard magazine, he had thirty-eight Hot 100 chart hits, ten of which reached the Top 20,
His first single, “Suzie Baby,” was written by Vee with a nod to Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue” and recorded for the Minneapolis-based Soma Records in 1959; it was a huge hit in Minnesota and drew enough national attention to be purchased by Liberty Records, who signed him later that year. ,

Vee was also a pioneer in the music video genre, appearing in several musical films.

Vee’s 1961 summer release “Take Good Care of My Baby” went to number one on the Billboard U.S. listings and number three in the UK Singles Chart.

Vee’s career began in the midst of tragedy. On February 3, 1959, “The Day the Music Died,” three of the four headline acts in the lineup of the traveling Winter Dance Party; Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper—were killed, along with the 21-year-old pilot, Roger Peterson, in the crash of a V-tailed 1947 Beechcraft Bonanza airplane. (Dion DiMucci, the second headliner, had opted not to travel on the plane.) It crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa, en route to the next show on the tour itinerary in Moorhead, Minnesota. Velline, then 15 years of age, and a hastily assembled band of Fargo schoolboys calling themselves the Shadows volunteered for, and were given, the unenviable job of filling in for Holly and his band at the Moorhead engagement. Their performance there was a success, setting in motion a chain of events that led to Vee’s career as a popular singer.
In 1963, Vee released a tribute album on Liberty Records called I Remember Buddy Holly. In the liner notes, Vee recalled Holly’s influence on him and the events surrounding Holly’s death.

“Like so many other people, I became a Buddy Holly fan the very first time I heard him sing. I’ve been a fan ever since and I guess I always will be. ”

……… I remember a few years ago when Buddy was scheduled to appear at a dance in my home town of Fargo, North Dakota. It was going to be a big event for the whole town, but even more so for me. I was anxiously looking forward to seeing Buddy in action…….

….The day he was to arrive disaster struck, taking Buddy’s life, along with the lives of two other fine singers, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. The shocking news spread through Fargo very quickly. The local radio station broadcast a plea for local talent to entertain at the scheduled dance. About a week before this, I had just organized a vocal and instrumental group of five guys. Our style was modelled after Buddy’s approach and we had been rehearsing with Buddy’s hits in mind. When we heard the radio plea for talent, we went in and volunteered. We hadn’t even named the group up to that time, so we gave ourselves a name on the spot, calling ourselves The Shadows. We appeared at the dance and were grateful to be enthusiastically accepted. Soon afterwards, I made my first record. It was called “Suzie Baby” and I was pretty lucky with it; it was a fair-sized hit.
For some time now, I have wanted to make an album in tribute to Buddy, but I wasn’t sure it was the proper thing to do. However, during the past year, I have received many requests to do such an album. These requests came not only from my fans and from DJs, but also from Buddy’s loyal following—still a large group of devoted fans. It…gave me the confidence to do the album. From “Suzie Baby” to this present album, I have made many records, but I have never forgotten Buddy Holly and his influence on my singing style and my career.” ( Bobby Vee )



Pasta is a type of noodle and is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating back to 1154 It is also commonly used to refer to the variety of pasta dishes. Typically pasta is made from an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour mixed with water and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked and served in any number of dishes. It can be made with flour from other cereals or grains and eggs may be used instead of water. Pastas may be divided into two broad categories, dried (pasta secca) and fresh (pasta fresca). Chicken eggs frequently dominate as the source of the liquid component in fresh pasta.

Most dried pasta is commercially produced via an extrusion process. Traditionally fresh pasta was produced by hand, sometimes with the aid of simple machines,  but today many varieties of fresh pasta are also commercially produced by large scale machines, and the products are broadly available in supermarkets.

Both dried and fresh pasta come in a number of shapes and varieties, with 310 specific forms known variably by over 1300 names having been recently documented.  In Italy the names of specific pasta shapes or types often vary with locale. For example the form cavatelli is known by 28 different names depending on region and town. Common forms of pasta include long shapes, short shapes, tubes, flat shapes and sheets, miniature soup shapes, filled or stuffed, and specialty or decorative shapes.

As a category in Italian cuisine both dried and fresh pastas are classically used in one of three kinds of prepared dishes. As pasta asciutta (or pastasciutta) cooked pasta is plated and served with a complementary sauce or condiment. A second classification of pasta dishes is pasta in brodo in which the pasta is part of a soup-type dish. A third category is pasta al forno in which the pasta incorporated into a dish that is subsequently baked.

Pasta is generally a simple dish, but comes in large varieties because it is a versatile food item. Some pasta dishes are served as a first course in Italy because the portion sizes are small and simple. The servings are usually accompanied by a side of meat. Pasta is also prepared in light lunches, such as salads or large portion sizes for dinner. It can be prepared by hand or food processor and served hot or cold. Pasta sauces vary in taste, color and texture. When choosing which type of pasta and sauce to serve together, there is a general rule that must be observed. Simple sauces like pesto are ideal for long and thin strands of pasta while tomato sauce combines well with thicker pastas. Thicker and chunkier sauces have the better ability to cling onto the holes and cuts of short, tubular, twisted pastas. Sauce should be served equally with its pasta. It is important that the sauce does not overflow the pasta. The extra sauce is left on the plate after all of the pasta is eaten.

So, now you know……NEVER SAY BASTA ( enough ) TO PASTA  !!



Brazil beachesfeijoada


Ipanema (Portuguese pronunciation: [ipaˈnẽmɐ]) is an affluent neighbourhood located in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), The beach at Ipanema became widely known by the song “The Girl from Ipanema” (“Garota de Ipanema”), written by Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes.

The word “Ipanema” comes from the Tupi language and possibly means “stinky lake”, from upaba (“lake”) and nem (“stinky”) or “bad water; river without fish” from “y” (water) and “panema” (bad). No kidding.

The song was written in 1962, with music by Jobim and Portuguese lyrics by de Moraes; English lyrics were written later by Norman Gimbel. Its popularity has seen a resurgence with Diana Krall’s song “Boy from Ipanema”, released in 2008.
Okay,let’s  see, we have the Girl from Ipanema,the Boy from Ipanema ,so, what is next.(!)

Ipanema is adjacent to Copacabana and Leblon Beach, but it is distinct from its neighbour. It is relatively easy to navigate because the streets are aligned in a grid. Ipanema is one of the most expensive places to live in Rio, and private investment has led to the building of world-class restaurants, shops, and cafes. At the forefront of its beach culture are the many surfers and sun worshipers who socialize daily at the beach. Every Sunday, the roadway closest to the beach is closed to motor vehicles allowing local residents and tourist to ride bikes, roller skate, skateboard, and walk along the ocean.
Ipanema has played a role in the culture of Rio de Janeiro since its beginning, with its own universities, art galleries, theaters and cafes. festivities, separate from those of Rio de Janeiro, attracting up to 50,000 people to the streets of Ipanema.

Everybody gets hungry so why not try the most popular and ubiquituos FEIJOADA..

Feijoada (Portuguese pronunciation: [fejʒuˈadɐ]) is a stew of beans with beef and pork which is a typical Portuguese dish. Feijoada is also typically cooked in former colonies such as Macau, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Goa (India). the recipe can differ slightly from one country to another,and from stand to stand..
Brazilean Feijoada  name comes from feijão, Portuguese for “beans”.
The basic ingredients of feijoada are beans with fresh pork or beef. In Brazil, it is usually made with black beans; in the northeast (Bahia), it is generally prepared with kidney beans (Feijoada à Brasileira), and includes other vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and cabbage. The stew is best prepared over low heat in a thick clay pot.
It is usually served with rice and assorted sausages, such as chouriço, morcela (blood sausage), farinheira, and others, which may or may not be cooked in the stew.


P.S. Sorry ,no traslation for Stan Getz Saxophone playing .(!)


In a day like today,   August 9, 1875  Albert  W. Ketelbey  was born the Composer,  Conductor and Pianist  best known for light orchestral music.  He wrote very pretty musical themes, one of them impressed     me very deeply in my childhood ears. It was called  just ” In a Persian Market ” . Every time I listened on the radio, the main entertaining in those days, I could close my eyes and imagine everything  pretty but different to our Mexican markets, on the floor vendors  offering pots of clay filled up with gold and silver, rolls and rolls of fabrics made in China of pure silk. Beautiful women dancing and moving their lower bodies with an eternal smile in their faces  with long hair that made the people stand around and watch, also some acrobats making flips and  flops  and never miss a step.

Also , I could see cages protecting beautiful rare birds of exotic colors some of them singing amazing songs and some other making  sounds similar to the human voices, those were my favorites, with a rich plumage of magnificent colors  their tails hardly fit in those cages.

In the market  I could see stands nicely arranged with pots and pans made of brass or bronze appearance shining  and showing off their whimsy figures made by anonymous artist and of course among them   Aladdin’s Lamps…….if I could posses one of them, any size I would go to a private place and “scrub” one just for the fun of wondering  what Happen, Oh I can’t really imagine what exactly Happens…Is a genuine Genie inside of them..?  Maybe a precious Maiden but I wonder if she was  Unmarried or maybe a Virgin or maybe a horrendous “Taliban”.

  I don’t  remember exactly how old I was maybe 4 maybe 5 years old,  the activity of such of Market  couldn’t let me focus exactly what I really want……I could see also people wearing clothes wrapping around their bodies specially women, sometimes covering their heads and hardly see their eyes.  Men were different  mostly wearing head gears but leaving their eyes and ears at sight but showing off their unshaved faces.

The scariest feeling for me was when suddenly see some men riding   gorgeous horses making everything shake, the street was there, so the horses were making way in the absence of cars, bikes or  Trucks.      Listening the music I could see everything what a wonderful experience is to really be IN A PERSIAN MARKET !!!!

Thanks you very much Albert W. Ketelbey for helping me with your music make my dreams come just a wonderful Dream !



 Thanks Marino van Wakeren.





Neil ArmstrongUSA FLAG



Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) was an American NASA astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor and United States Naval Aviator. He was the first human to set foot upon the Moon.

Before becoming an astronaut, Armstrong was in the United States Navy and served in the Korean War. After the war, he served as a test pilot at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) High-Speed Flight Station, now known as the Dryden Flight Research Center, where he flew over 900 flights in a variety of aircraft. He graduated from Purdue University and the University of Southern California.

A participant in the U.S. Air Force’s Man In Space Soonest and X-20 Dyna-Soar human spaceflight programs, Armstrong joined the NASA Astronaut Corps in 1962. His first spaceflight was the NASA Gemini 8 mission in 1966, for which he was the command pilot, becoming one of the first U.S. civilians to fly in space. On this mission, he performed the first manned docking of two spacecraft with pilot David Scott. Armstrong’s second and last spaceflight was as mission commander of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission on July 20, 1969. On this mission, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended to the lunar surface and spent 2½ hours exploring while Michael Collins remained in orbit in the Command Module. Armstrong was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon along with Collins and Aldrin, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2009.





Hello there ! ,  I am back again , after disappearing for a while  ( too long time )

But ,to make the story short , my Doctor still can take my pulse.

I am back writing my Blog thanks the efforts of  the ” Happy Team” from

WordPress that help me to rescue my password.  So I want to tell all my

dear friends an Followers to continue follow me. I promise to always make

you hungry with my food recipes  and also make you smile .

So I will see you soon.        your truly   The

Eduardo Guzman M.




” Cry me a River”  writen by Arthur  Hamilton in 1953 .


If someone said Men don’t cry, they are absolutely wrong,
In this moment of intense emotion a clear , salty solution
secreted by my lacrimal glands that sometimes lubricate
and cleanses the surface of my eyeballs and the inner
surface of my eyelids rolls slowly on my cheeks, just thinking
on what to tell the rest of my Dogs about the planning on
PUTTING TO SLEEP to my older Dog as we call him
TIO JOSE, a beautiful white and wavy Bichon Frise.
This morning during our daily breakfast : Ricky,Lucy,Sofia,
Diego and Taco while they were sharing bites of butter
toast bread and an unusual treat : ” Pate de foies gras “

Probably Taco,(an illegal Chihuahua) the latest addition to our canine family
was wondering what was the rare occasion.
I just told everybody that – Tomorrow morning
Tio Jose was going in a “trip ” ( of No return ).
Actually, one of the main reasons of such of drastic
determination ; not only because his 14 years old age, but adding
to his misfortunes of loosing his left eye a year ago, also lost
complete vision of his remaining eye and lately
his hearing and just trust his sense of smell to do
the daily routines following the rest of the dogs , but mainly
followed my  scent of where I have been around the house.
Today inspite of’ve been a sunny day , the dogs have not
been playful as usual, I think they suspect that TIO JOSE
is going to take a virtual trip to Space in a firing rocket
with a special shape of a Fire-hydrant .

So, please let my tears roll and dissapear
on the handkerchief of forgetfullness ,while my mind walks
slowly in the Boulevard of the Beloved Pets.

Next day, in a rainy morning,  arrived too early at the Veterinarian
mobile Hospital so we had to wait,  my Son Alex the driver,
suggested to go to McDonalds  for breakfast. TIO JOSE, in the
back seat unable to see but with his keen sense of smell surely
knew where we were I couldn’t resist to bring him a bite of my
meal, which devoured as soon as I offered.
I remained in the back seat ,caressing his curly and white hair
and keeping him warm with his favorite  flannel blanket and his
 woolen sweater from Peru.
The time went by, the next thing I remember , in reduced space
in the back seat,  TIO JOSE was in my arms,  the Doctor’s
assertive hands had the “Merciful” Injection, waiting for the
moment of my approval…..He did not move at all, confident
in my arms, with my Love …….few seconds the Doctor’s
listen to his heart with  her Stethoscope  and all WAS OVER.